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It is indeed an evening of elegance and innovation as we proudly present the culmination of tradition and modernity.

About Kolkatanama:

Embrace the fusion of heritage and contemporary flair with Kolkatanama, a brand that redefines traditional weaves and indigenous art forms. Under the visionary guidance of designer Mr.Santanu Guha Thakurata and Mr. Upendra Bin, Kolkatanama breathes new life into age-old craftsmanship, infusing it with a fresh perspective that resonates with modern sensibilities.

Our Vision:

At Kolkatanama, we believe in preserving the essence of pure art while adapting to the needs of today’s discerning consumers. With a focus on affordability and sustainability, each creation seamlessly blends traditional techniques with contemporary styles, ensuring that our cultural heritage remains relevant and accessible to all.


Drawing inspiration from indigenous art forms, Kolkatanama transcends boundaries, weaving together the intricate beauty of Batik and Kantha work with a neo-cosmopolitan aesthetic.

Other than sarees, traditionally themed items like coasters, cushion covers and various other accessory items are also available at kolkatanama.

Kolkatanama’s Bengali calendar for the year 1431 is also launched today.

Honourable guest leading philanthropist and life coach Dr.Sohini Sastri is present there for the lamp lighting ceremony to grace the occasion.

Noted Television actor Ms. Sudipta Banerjee and Kolkata based models (Tamori Chowdhury, Susmita Roy, Anirban Khanra, Piyush Misra, Kasturi Ghosh Halder).. Together make it a glittery evening.

“We explore the innovative perspectives and challenges of keeping tradition alive in the ever-evolving world of fashion” – Says designer Santanu Guha Thakurata.

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