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Bridging Culture & Arts Foundation Presents “Echoes Of The Earth”

  • An Exhibition To Commemorate The Human – Nature Bond –

Kolkata, 12th June, 2024: B-CAF an eco-friendly art gallery situated at the heart of the City of Joy today inaugurated an outstanding art exhibition, “Echoes of the Earth’ curated by well-known art curator of international repute Ms Reena Dewan. Present for the inauguration ceremony were Ms Santi Das, IPS, Dr Rupali Basu, Art Critique Mr Mrinal Ghosh, Curator Mr Nanak Ganguly and Floral Artist, Ms Kavita Poddar.

“While curating Echoes of the Earth, I sought to bring together a diverse group of artists, each with their unique perspective, mediums and experience. The intricate and timeless conversation between humanity and nature has been ignited in ‘ECHOES OF THE EARTH’ as this conversation given the change in weather, untimely seasonal variations and catastrophes has become more important than ever. The selection of artists aligns with B-CAF’s ongoing commitment to showcasing independent artists and you will find some unique, experimental and fresh takes”, said Ms Reena Dewan, Art Curator and Founder Director of Bridging Culture and Arts Foundation(B-CAF).

Nature, the ultimate force and inspiration of creative arts, has long driven artists to capture its essence, contemplate its secrets and reflect on its profound influence on human life. This exhibition celebrates the personal connection between nature and all living beings, as seen through the distinct lenses of these artists. Through the unique perspectives of five remarkable artists, this exhibition weaves a rich tapestry of experiences, honouring nature’s enduring beauty while examining our modern relationship with the natural world.

‘Echoes Of The Earth’ brings together the profound works of five phenomenal artists – Pradosh Paul, Saumen Khamrui, Chandan Debnath, Ratna Bardhan and Shubhankar Chakraborty.

The exhibition will be on display from 4 pm to 8 pm, daily (except Mondays), until 27th June, 2024.

About Bridging Culture and Arts Foundation (B-CAF):

Through a diverse range of art initiatives, including exhibitions, workshops, collaborative projects, and educational programs, B-CAF promises to catalyze nurturing and empowering independent artists. B-CAF, a multi-arts organization, is outfitted with fundamental amenities, including a comfortable green room, a versatile rehearsal and performance area, a fully equipped kitchen, a library, and an exhibition space. B-CAF has four pillars – Artists Development Space (ADS) for Independent Artists, Cultural Preservation & Advancement (CPA) for Traditional Art forms, Arts Connect (AC) for connecting the Public with Arts, Permanent Collection of paintings by Jadu Patuas on Tribal narratives.

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